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Our company is located in the southern country of Badajoz, in Berlanga. Our activity is the production of virgin olive oil from our olive groves.
It is an ecological oil-mill, founded in 1999, when its activity started.

OLEÍCOLA BERLANGUEÑA manufactures and packs virgin olive oil of high quality with the latest technology and it distributes it in Spain and abroad.
The raw matter used is the olives produced in the famous olive groves of southern country (CAMPIÑA SUR) in BADAJOZ, where our oil-mill is located, and also olives from TIERRA DE BARROS, a rich land very colse to ours.
Main olive variety used is PICO-LIMÓN, typical of CAMPIÑA SUR OF BADAJOZ, the only place in Spain where it can be found. It has a slight bitter and intense fruitful taste that it communicates to our oil.
Other varieties also used are manzanilla, marteña and carrasqueña, that combinated with PICO-LIMÓN, give a characteristical taste to our oil.
OLEÍCOLA BERLANGUEÑA S.L. receives the raw matter (olives) and extracts the virgin olive oil, just by mechanical and physical means (never by chemical means). We really obtain the olive juice in a complete natural way and store it in our cellars (550.000 liter capacity) so that oil can decant and filter before we pack it.
Another characteristic of our oil is its golden green colour, due to the olive varieties used.

Our oil-mill is ecological because we use biomass (olive pit) as a fuel in the battering process of olive paste before proceeding to the extraction of virgin olive oil and also to heat the cellars to keep the right temperature for oil storage and help to decating process.

Another important factor is recycling subproducts so that environment remain free of contamination.