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Olive oil is the most recomended one to be eaten, fried or raw, becuse of its arome, taste and a composition where monoinsaturated fat acids prevail, with a good balance among poliinsaturated it has, thanks to E vitamine, A provitamine and anti-rusts.All these qualities give it a protective effect on human health.
Action on digestive system.
Foods prepared with olive oil offer an excellent action on stomach and bowels protecting mucous and avoiding the effects of hyperclorhydria, lowering gastric or duodenal ulcers. Its soft laxative action becomes more energetic drinking it before breakfast and it corrects chronic constipation. It stimulates bile vesicle and inhibits secretion during emptying process. It is also protective against bile stones formation increasing bile flow and high density lipoproteines (HDL). In the regions of more olive oil consumption the quantity of bile stones is lower.
In the critical stages of life.
Olive oil shows a good balance among the main poliinsaturated, linoleic and linolenic acids, similar to maternal milk. It is a good source of essential fatty acids that our body cannot produce and it must ingest.That is why olive oil is very recommended for nursling children and also later.
It is specially recommended for aged people.Olive oil is good por appetite and very digestive allowing assimilation of minerals and vitamines.
It stimulates bones mineralizing avoiding calcium loss.
In the circulatory system.
When feeding is rich in animal fats, cholesterol level in blood rises. This is one of the main risk factors in circulatory diseases and vegetal oils have a protective action lowering cholesterol level. But not every cholesterol is bad. The one transported by High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) is protective against bad cholesterol eliminating it through bile.Olive oil lowers total cholesterol but it increases HDL being good for health and increases life expectation.
Death risk by coronary diseases is much higher in persons of no olive oil eaters countries than in persons of mediterranean countries with diets rich in olive oil.