About us

Nature finds its way from the country to your own home in our ecological oil mill.

Our seal of quality in olive oil is based on four inseparable pillars:

A legacy that spans decades in time

The organic oil mill of Oleícola Berlangueña is the result of years of tradition in the cultivation of olive groves.

An optimal point of ripeness, an ideal time for harvesting and a natural transformation process are the trademarks of our olive oil.

Modernity at the core of the olive grove

From the field to home, our machinery allows us not to lose an inch of naturalness in the product.

The use of olive pit as biomass for fuel ensures a zero impact on the environment.

The Olive Olympus

The Southern Countryside of Extremadura, land of farmers.

And the olive grove is the emblem of the region.

As a result, we obtain a distinguished and delicate flavor of the olive.

We have made this our great secret and we have created a superior oil with a special texture and aroma.

A perfect combination

Summer and winter go hand in hand in the Southern Countryside of Extremadura to create the ideal association for the cultivation of olive groves.

Our olive oil is nourished by this environment hence its characteristic flavor.



The great secret of Extremadura

Our company is located in the south of Spain, in a small Village called Berlanga, the Southern Countryside of Badajoz, a Little hour drive from both Seville and Cordoba, our main and only activity is the production of virgin olive oils from our own olive groves.

The main variety of olive used is the PICO-LIMÓN, characteristic of the SOUTHERN COUNTRYSIDE OF BADAJOZ, with the particularity that it only grows in this area of Spain that constitutes the basis for the elaboration of our oils (hence its slightly bitter and intensely fruity taste).

Other varieties also used are Chamomile, Marteña and Carrasqueña, which once mixed with the PICO-LIMÓN variety, makes possible this special and characteristic flavor of our oils.

An extra virgin olive oil recognized by those who know about olive oil

Our production and packaging lines have received awards throughout the world.
London IOOC 2017
London (England)


Olive Japan 2018
Tokyo (Japan)


Mosque Awards 2020
Córdoba (Spain)


International Awards “VIRTUS” 2022
Lisboa (España)


Berlangueña olive grower

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