Only sustainable production process can assure us the future

Producing without affecting our privileged ecosystem is the key to our work chain.

All of us here In our oil mill in Berlanga (Badajoz), are absolutely conscious of the above….


A natural and bio sustainable process

Producing without affecting our privileged ecosystem is key to our work chain.

Growing sustainably is the only way to guarantee the future.

That is why, from the beginning of flowering to the end of transformation, we work in a traditional and sustainable way.

We promote biodiversity, essential for our olive to have the highest level of quality.

The process of extracting virgin olive oil from the olive is carried out under cold temperature and only through mechanical and natural processes.

The decantation of the oil, that takes away any impurities and the packaging is carried out with the highest quality, also in respond to all natural parameters.

Both extraction and decantation processes are possible thanks to the use of biomass.

The olive’s own bone acts as fuel and guarantees from the very beginning to the finish touch an ecological, responsible and sustainable process.

An extra virgin olive oil recognized by those who know about olive oil

The production and packaging lines of our Berlanga (Badajoz) oil mill have received awards throughout the world.
London IOOC 2017
London (England)


Olive Japan 2018
Tokyo (Japan)


Mosque Awards 2020
Córdoba (Spain)



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